We support the development of consciousness within the individual and the community — help us work towards a positive future!

The Centro d'Ompio serves as an inspirational platform and instrument for the bundling of initiatives for spiritual renewal in business, culture, and society. In over 20 years the Centro d'Ompio has become one of the leading international seminar centers for a broad spectrum of learning opportunities.

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The existence and realization of the Centro d'Ompio's vision is dependent upon the financial aid of friends as well as the income generated by the seminar hotel operation. We're thankful for any and all assistance and are pleased to have your friendship and your connection with us.


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The Centro d'Ompio is financed principally through the income generated by the seminar hotel operation and the private means of the Prorpietor, Pius Leutenegger.

We are therefore dependent upon your donation...

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