This fundamental principle can best be described as the ability to be attentive enough to be fully in the moment. In this manner one can make daily chores, such as dishwashing, meditation. A side effect is that your results will improve, as you will be more attentive to what you are doing. Attentiveness in daily life means not taking things personally as well as keeping an open mind and remaining relaxed while seeking to see things through the eyes of others.

Development of Consciousness

Via the practice of care and awareness as well as physical and mental exercise and by communicating with others you can raise and clarify your consciousness. This may occur on many levels and affects the unique characteristics and abilities which each of us possess. Everything is already there - waiting to be recalled and unfolded.

Respect and love

Mutual acknowledgement and appreciation of diversity in culture, religion, and values enrich the whole social fabric. This attitude of openness is conducive to creativity and allows synergies to arise on their own. Openly expressing one's natural love of life and all beings makes every moment well and truly unique. If you get the feeling that you're not being treated with enough respect or appreciation then it may be time to take a closer look at your own feelings of self-respect. How do you feel about yourself and your actions? How respectfully and appreciatively do you treat yourself?

Happiness and effortlessness

When you happily undertake your various tasks while fully in the present moment all things begin to flow. Work becomes easier and your sense of time changes. This results in a feeling of contentment as well as a strengthened immune system.


Your heart knows the truth. Committing yourself to the truth - to yourself and others - means looking at things openly and honestly and moving from there. This means following one's own truth with respect and love while letting things be as they are - without in any way being judgmental.


When you do your best and correct your mistakes on your own without being told to you can be depended upon. We take care of one another on our own initiative. We carry out our tasks conscientiously and independently, take care to be punctual and dependable and we stick to our agreements.

Ecological consciousness (Gaia)

Seeing the earth as a conscious living organism brings on deep-seated changes in our behavior. An intellectual change in behavior can never be as deep-seated as one, which is felt when we identify and treat our planet as a living being.


Sustainability means using resources and work equipment in a way that weighs as little on the environment, materials, and people as possible. We encourage this world's natural evolution for our own and all living beings' well being.



The above values are joined and act together. Care and truth are a „given" for the development of our consciousness. When we work together in an atmosphere of care and respect we experience joy.