Tribal Trance - Dance Journey

17.07 - 22.07

Fünf Tage Intensivseminar

Let your soul dance!
With trance dance, rhythms and rituals accompanied by live music of the percussion ensemble "Busch-Werk".

Immerse yourself in the magical power of rhythms, pulsation and sounds. Explore the effect of archaic cult rhythms on your own body, let them carry you into other dimensions of reality. Let yourself be tempted to lend wings to your soul while dancing, to finally let go of everything in the protection of the rituals and still be well held. The live music specially adapted to the situation puts you in a position to activate both the powerful parts slumbering in you and your sensual and silent sides.In this seminar the participants will participate in rituals lasting several hours in which they can experience the healing, consciousness-expanding potential of trance states in a protective, ritualized setting. These processes are carried, accompanied and controlled by live music played by professional musicians of the percussion ensemble "Busch-Werk". The drummers of this five-member ensemble have been dealing with rhythm archetypes for more than 20 years, as they can be found especially in the music of Brazil and West Africa, where they are still played in trance cults today. We will make use of these powerful rhythms in the seminar, because we Europeans can also effortlessly enter into altered states of awake consciousness with their help. Trance states, as long as they are visited in a ritualized way, safely accompanied and actively left again, are healing and regenerating for body and soul. They facilitate the access to creativity and intuition, they support the development of resources, and they often reveal surprising solution possibilities for focused questions.

Tribal Trance - Dance Journey

Herman Kathan & Sabine Rittner

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