Team work in Centro is essential and deeply connected at all working positions. The success of our work is always the outcome of a combination of roles which integrate and compliment one another: from the Care/Cleaning to the Handyman/Maintenance departments; from the Kitchen to the Office, staff members are renewing their annual commitment, offering their services in supporting the groups and seminars taking place here and ultimately to making our guests feel at home.

At the moment we are busy with the closing down activities: in depth cleaning, collecting material, and taking inventory. Once the season is over and the last of our guests has left, we’ll commence maintenance work to renew and refresh the Centro for the next season.

Centro work this year has once again been supported by our “Working Guests”. These are volunteers from all over the world who come here to contribute their work for a limited period of time during the season while experiencing a community life style and sharing with us the flow of the season.

This year we hosted working guests coming from 29 different countries: Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, Venezuela, Denmark, Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China, Spain, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Colombia, Latvia, the Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Slovakia, Estonia, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Finland, Switzerland, and Hungary. 

We would like to thank them all for their contributions and presence and we are pleased to share here with you some of their feed back and testimonials:

“I had a wonderful time this summer. I ended up extending my stay there cause it was amazing being there working with good people from all around the world :) I made some very good friendships there. The landscape there is so breathtaking, and I managed to go on some hiking trips on my days off, there are a lot of places to go. The food there is also outstanding, very delicious and healthy! And I am not even vegetarian. The work in itself is not so hard, but you shouldn’t go there and expect to be on holiday and not contribute. I highly recommend this place. I even consider coming back next summer. Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience!!! Ciaoo, Anne “ (Anne 28 years old – from Denmark)
“The best part of the place was people I worked with and I'm grateful for the encounters I had during my stay here. I'm sure some of them will be my lifelong friends. My warm hugs to the Italian chefs who do some magic in the kitchen, the bartender who loves life and music, the office people who genuinely appreciate my work, and last not least the volunteers from every corner of the world. The lake and mountains add remarkable charms to the place, I could spend hours just being there. The task is simple, and expected to be well done. Besides the general housekeeping job, I gave some reflexology sessions to the staff and volunteers, which I loved and enjoyed. Ideal place for those who enjoy simple stuff about life, nature, tranquillity, and/or interested in hospitality and human growth. Thank you for lovely moments and experience! xx” Kaori (Japan 34 years old)
“In my experience this was one of the best episodes I ever had; surrounded by nature, nice environment, views and the best very nice people to share time and work with. Centro is a place where everyone has to work and do their best. With good attitude i think everyone can enjoy even cleaning toilets or doing any kind of service because you feel it’s paying off. I always felt welcomed and enjoy the time with everyone, at the time i spend there the group of volunteers where very united, the atmosphere was so positive and kind so we shared and practice in some workshops. One of the most interesting part i found is how the volunteers are invited with a very good eye so it’s for sure that you’ll find like minded people very easily and the time you spend here will be always pleasant. As everyone says food is very good (coffee as well) and chefs are very kind, generous, welcoming and like to share. This is a real enriched experience where you can meet nice people, learn even the most simple stuff, live in a kind community environment and practice in what i call “psychological gym” which is the spiritual experience you con have; to improve your self out of ego….. )”
Diego (Mexico, 28 years old)